I got the work !
A kichigai came to my bedside and said loud.
“My house don't have a guest room, so I set a bed here! Don't you use the new pillow?”

Unko Yarou !

My throat had been dry as a CPU. Got be cracked.
Nevertheless the kichigai didn't stop presenting the newborn new madding crack of the kichigai brain.


What a happy place ! Unko Yarou !

Off course I outbraved it.
Off course I killed it, I'll make it a bottle of shiokara.

Thanx in advance

P.S. I have to go to buy a sphygmomanometer asap.


“I really don't wish to pass up an poet just because I may not be able to interpret the piece. It has been a while since I have read one that actually made me think. I am sorry that I don't understand many of the words, but, neverthe less, I really felt the anger & the power in the lines. Thank you for posting this piece.”
--Amy Riberdy
“Ufffff... this is not good.” --Deborah Russell