Horiuchi Satoru's English Poems

Become a Perler

I'll become a Perler, Perl user
Won't you become a Perler, Perl user?

Perl is building our beautiful world
Perl is scratching our wonderful space

Perl is powerful
Perl is almighty
Perl is flexible
Perl is sociable
Perl is lovely
I love it!

I'll serve you as a Perler
Living is easy if we'll do our best

Thank people
Thank Larry Wall

(written on 2009.1.30-31)


I hold you
feeling vain
It may be bad
It may be good

I touch you
feeling pain
It may be sad
We must be dead

We can be nullable
Sometimes like today
You are lovable
Much time shines you

(written on 2009.2.10)


2chers! you are kind enough to tell the truth to me
I love you! I need you! I will give you a smile
I ask you, you tell me the true story of the world
Oh Lord! please don't drive us away, this place is another heaven
We're not gonna break up the meetings
I love you! you love me! let me be with the children
I want to rest my dirty wings for a while.

(written on 2009.9.22-23,26)


In a capitalist society,
you must suck capitalist's penis.

Regardless of your sex,
you are forced to do it all your life.

You too,
Me too,
We must do it.

Do it,
Do it,
You must do it.

(written on 2010.8.6 Friday)