Young In Moderation

“They are insane.” a man said to me,
So I met a couple.

“The fellow is just a crazy.”
Nevertheless, they didn't have anything except a sleeping place.
Never did they have even a dining room.

I got angry and killed the two,
Without either my own sympathy for the man who hated them,
Or any proof that they had told me a lie.

The next day, I met the man.
I only heard his talk, I did not reveal my homicide.
“They are crazy.” he only repeated that.

The moment in a flash I realized that I must not confess my act to the man,
I received a call from the two I had surely killed.

“Even death is needless to us. One sleeping place is all we want. We'll be OK as long as we can turn our backs on the crazy there.”

The crazy? What's that on earth?

“It's the offensive fellow, who will require more than a sleeping place, who will bark at us. We never need anything except for a sleeping place.”

I had been doubting whether ‘a sleeping place’ they said functioned as a sign.
Such a thought that had been remaining at the back of my brain vanished at last.
‘sleeping place’ was just a sleeping place.

“You shouldn't force such a view on others.”
The man and woman kept silence.
“Can I kill you once again?”
As soon as I said this, I felt as if everything had been just my murmur.
As if a wind blew through a triangle which was formed with my body and the arm which was pushing a handset to my ear.

“Don't take the unnecessary action. I will die alone.”
He was just behind me.
“Don't take the unnecessary action. I will die alone.”

A chilly smile was floated only on his lips and he looked so confident.

“If I died alone, it's the end. What will get to the end? You know, that's ‘such a thing’. The usual of the madmen, ‘such a thing’!”

Seeing through the moment the hatred will vanish,
Without the hatred, he cannot get himself on even for an instant.
This dialogue with such him became the last memory of mine.

What he left me last was a sense of discord between
A feeling that I got to be an accuser on behalf of him and
A fact I didn't have a hatred for the two madmen.

The two madmen died.


“Can't say that I get the meaning but this is sure some good writing. :-)” --Rhonda M
“Good title...sounds like a skit for a small performance. A video clip maybe.” --Deborah Russell